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What we do

The Hype Advisor is a premier financial services firm that operates specifically in the streetwear market, aiming to democratize access to investment in this generation’s most dynamic market.

Our first step towards this goal was the creation of The Hype Fund, which revealed the underlying potential and capability of sneakers as an investment market. To extend this opportunity to others, we recognize the need to make quantitative metrics more organized, universal, and practical.

Now, we have become the one-stop-shop for everything streetwear investing.

Utilizing our experience, connections, and data analysis, we have created services that streamline the reselling process, bolster your existing investments in sneakers, and deepen your understanding of the market’s ins and outs.

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Consistent earnings that show

Before The Hype Advisor, only those with inside information and 30+ hours a week of market research were able to profit from the booming industry. However, you can now grow in tandem with one of the most profitable markets worldwide, no matter your current financial capacity.

$100 B

size of primary sneaker market


projected growth of the resale market by 2025


industry respondents believe streetwear has a product lifespan > 1 year

See what globally recognized leaders are saying about the streetwear industry

Just like Apple doesn't trade at the same price every single day in the market, nor does a particular sneaker trade for the same price day-to-day

Scott Cutler

CEO of StockX

Rather than investing in a traditional asset, classic stock, or bond, [people] are investing in sneakers

John Kernan

CFA of Cowen