Our Story

Who is "The Hype Advisor?"

We are a team of streetwear enthusiasts who have been passionate about the world of hype for as long as we can remember. However, streetwear is an expensive hobby: We needed a way to fund our passion.

Then, about five years ago, we discovered reselling. By buying certain items for the low, waiting for a calculated period of time, and selling them high, we were able to profit.


The Hype Fund

Our expertise, now in your hands.

Five years later, here we are. Reselling allows us to make more money than we could have ever imagined. With our knowledge navigating the streetwear market, we accurately predict and obtain the items that are going to appreciate.

We want to bring our experience to you. We know that getting into reselling is very difficult, and the steep learning curve has driven many people away. Therefore, we want to offer a service that does it for you. Introducing The Hype Fund by The Hype Advisor.


Our Service

A clothing and sneaker-based hedgefund with no barriers to entry.

We are a niche hedge fund that operates specifically in the streetwear market. Using our experience, connections, and data, we buy items that we predict to be bullish: they increase in resale value over time. If you invest into us, we’ll put your capital into the market, buying and selling streetwear items to make a profit. At the end of the investing time frame, we transfer the money we make directly to your PayPal account, minus a commission fee.

The Industry

Taking the world by storm, one release at a time.

The streetwear industry is a multi-billion industry, with the resell market itself currently valued at $2 billion (per Business Insider). This number is only growing at an exponential rate: it is projected to hit $6 billion by 2025. Start investing now, you won’t regret it.

For a glimpse at our track record/profits or the growth of the market and comparisons to the stock market, click the buttons below.

Track Record Market Comparisons

Ultimately, the streetwear market is more predictable, less volatile, and thus has a greater potential for profit than other open markets.

Why Believe In Us?

Low risk. Consistent earnings.

The streetwear market is unlike any other. Not only is there a constant influx of new drops every week, but there is also a constant demand for valued items. These items we choose tend to rise in resale price quickly, but rarely drop below its original value, making them low-risk investments.

Like in any global market, we use our knowledge, experience, and connections to buy and sell these assets, some of which are very difficult to obtain. We want to show you that streetwear is not just a passion for streetwear enthusiasts, but is also a living, breathing market where millions of dollars have the potential to be made!

If you want to test out how we do in the market, it’s okay to start small! Our business is structured so each client can contribute, with just a minimum amount of $100.

5+ Years of Reselling Success

Your funds in the hands of experts with a proven track record. Best part is, you get to learn ins and outs of the streetwear market with us. We promise the following and look forward to being at your service.


We keep all your data safe and secure, and you decide who does or doesn’t see your portfolio. Your information will never be shown to any third parties.


We are 100% transparent with our buying and selling. We even encourage our clients to examine the transactions to enrich themselves in the culture and the intricacies of the resell world.


Our interface is simple and easy to understand. All of the information that you need will be right at your fingertips.

Interested In Our Service?

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